Sunday School

We are back! September is here and we promised the kids that we would start Sunday School the first Sunday in September.  The kids eagerly awaited the start of Sunday School.  We even had a few new faces.  I was so happy to see Mihaela and Costel.  This sister and brother team had been in my English classes in school and even came to English club this summer.  But last year, their mother forbade them to come to Sunday School.  To quote their mother:  “Melissa doesn’t believe in God.”  Her neighbor is Olga and Olga talked her but no…her kids were not allowed to go.  Now the kids had come once before while mom was at work and dad, not knowing mom had said no, allowed the kids to come.  But this Sunday, mom said they could come.  I don’t know why she changed her mind, but she did and I thank God for that.

Ana started teaching the book of Ruth to the kids.  The girls were so happy to learn about a woman in the Bible!  I taught the kids “I’ve got Peace like a River” in English and will continue to teach them more song in English this year.  During our worship time, the kids requested “Kum-ba-ya;” they had learned it in camp and love it. 

We learned a new verse and then had a coloring sheet and maze to work on.  During the coloring time, Ana put on a cd of kids’ worship music in Romanian.  We heard little voices singing along to the cd.  They sang songs they had learned last spring and at camp.  It was wonderful.

We finished our time together with “Blessed be the Name” or “Fii Binecuvanta.”  We turned the music up loud and the boys started playing air guitar while singing along.  I sang into a pen and all the kids really got into the song.  It’s definitely one of our favorites.  Everyone went home happy! 

Leading Worship! I never head Veronica sing solo; what a beautiful voice she has!

3 Responses

  1. I wish I could see that – next time, videotape it! Especially “Blessed Be the Name” – I’d love to hear the Romanian version – did you translate it yourself?

    I’m so glad Mihaela and Costel are being allowed to come. Hopefully they’ll pass on what they learn to their mom!

  2. Love the update…Sunday school sounds so fun, just like it should be!! I also love hymns in other languages…God is so big!

    Thanks for the specific news on Mihaela and Costel…will pray!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. Blessing to you Melissa.

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