A Challenge!!

This is a challenge to you all from my Aunt Ami and Uncle Aurel in Huntersville, NC:

 Melissa, I went on-line to MBK – the pictures of the meeting place are lovely! It will be a wonderful place for your children.

I challenge all who are able to meet or exceed the $500.00 donation, Uncle Aurel and I have made online toward the purchase of the meeting place and offer continued prayers for success.

With much love, Aunt Ami

  Dear Melissa,

 Uncle Aurel thinks we should do more to help raise funds for the new center, so our plan is this: when the first person meets our original challenge of $500 or more, we will donate another $500. Be sure to keep us informed of progress.

  ….and did I say that at $500 per donation, it would take only 90 donations to reach the $45,000.00; or 180 donations of $250.00. Looking at it that way helps put the amount in perspective.

 Love and hugs, Aunt Ami

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  1. Well, that is a positive perspective!!

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