Update on Bogdan’s Eyes

Last Friday, I took Bogdan to his annual eye appointment in Iasi.  With only a minor confusion and detour we made it to the appointment on time.  (You may think its crazy that I get lost each time I go to Iasi..but you haven’t been to such a confusing city!) 

Anyways, you may remember that last year, the doctor was adamant about not having surgery and that surgery was only cosmetic.  Well, this year, after only one minute in the chair, she was talking about surgery. Both me and Olga, Bogdan’s mom, were surprised and  sceptical.  Olga politely reminded the doctor of what she had said last year and the doctor suggested new glasses.   We were ok with new glasses.  Bogdan is also supposed to do exercises with his eyes using eye patches.  I told him he will be a pirate!   So Bogdan got new glasses, which he needed because he had grown so much in the past year, that his glasses no longer fit his head.  The new glasses should be in next week.

Olga and I talked some more about surgery and it wasn’t until we got back to Stroiesti that she made the comment that the doctor never told us how much the surgery will be, only that because Bogdan is on “medicare” the hospitalization is covered.  Then Olga made a comment about the economic crisis.  ….

We will go back in November for a three-month check up and we’ll see then.

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  1. It is scary when you can’t trust your doctor. We actually had an eye dr. prescribe glasses for our oldest son when he was 7 just to make money. We changed eye doctors.

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