Summer English Clubs

 This summer I started an English Club.  I had planned to meet with each grade once a week an hour.  Well, that schedule was thrown out the window after day one.  The first day, I had 2 girls from 5th grade and the next day, I had about 10 kids from the 4th grade.  They loved it and begged to come more. They started bringing friends and siblings!  I even have one girl who is only here for the summer because she lives in Spain during the school year!  So now, I have second graders through 6th graders all learning new vocabulary and speaking English!!    They all come Monday thru Thursday for 2 hours each day.  We learn new words, play games with the words, practice speaking, read stories, and do worksheets with puzzles. They are really enjoying it and get so disappointed when I have canceled the club for some reason.  One Mondays, we focus on English for the little kids and the older kids have a chance to study.  A few of the kids are doing extra work in workbooks at home.

I had some boys who were telling mom and dad that they were going to English Club, only to swimming in the lake….Mom and Dad weren’t happy and the boys are now coming back to English Club.

Not exactly English Club, Boys!!!

One very exciting thing is that 2 of the team members from Camp help me at English Club.   Teo and Alina became attached to the kids in Stroiesti at Camp and have decided to stay involved.  They both joined me and Ana last Sunday for out “Mid-Summer Sunday School”.  We will resume Sunday School in September.

Learning Left and Right by playing Twister!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Melissa, I love to read what you’re doing with the kids. They are so beautiful, and you are so precious to them. You are such an inspiration. Love you, Shelley

  2. Exciting news about English club!

  3. hey, makes ME want to come to English Club!!!!!!!!!!!!You are the FUN teacher….just look at those faces!

    love to YOU

  4. Wonderful, Melissa!! How funny and cheeky about those boys swimming instead of English Clubbing!!! Let me know if you want us to send you a wiffle ball and bat, set of bases, etc. My Slovak students absolutely loved learning about baseball. (It is incredibly hard to explain, by the way, so maybe I’d send you some kind of video, too!!) Oh, I loved your resourcefulness on the Twister mat…may God continue to bless your efforts in loving, teaching, and sharing with these precious kids!!

    We’re vacationing with my parents right now at Holden Beach. Fun beach time and pool time; Go Fish/cards, etc. Corrie Lee, Brock, and I made “dripdrop castles” this morning with the wet sand. Daniel loves chasing the birds on the beach and Andy is getting more and more independent (and taller) and is quite comfortable in the sea. He and Eric have been catching sandfiddlers and minnows, much to the delight of the younger kids! The grandparents are loving uninterrupted grandkid time…they live in TX and it’s just so far away!

    Well, the Boehlings love you, girl!!!

    Oh, one other idea. Don’t know if you have access to a copier, but my English students loved it when I played English music and had the whole song typed out with several blanks throughout it for them to fill in as they listened to a song. (I did Christian songs/Amy Grant, and country like Alan Jackson and Randy Travis b/c honestly, usually the words in country music are a bit simpler and even slower). You could also just write the whole song on chart paper or white board and have them do the same thing as a whole group. Love you!

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