Goodbye Teens, Hello Kids

What a wonderful we had with the teens.  All of the leaders were sad to see the teens go and the teens were sad to leave camp.  Our last day was wonderful.  After lunch we went on a hike in the woods. We climbed mountains, yes, mountains!  At the top of the mountain were large boulders that the teens where able to sit on and see a wonderful view of the valley. The way up was hard but offered many surprises such as salamanders and wild strawberries and blueberries.  On the way down, we stopped and had our final lesson.  It was a mistake to have the lesson on the mountain, because the view was beautiful.  We sang songs of praise to our Lord overlooking His awesome creation.  

After dinner, we celebrated 3 birthdays with homemade cake….so yummy.  Afterwards, we all gathered in the girls cabin and played games and hung out until 10ish, then we watched “One Night with the King.” We had started the day with the story of Esther, so watching a film about her was the best way to end it.

In the morning, the teens said the last of verses for points.  During the week, teens earned points for answering questions, memorizing verses, and performing acts of service to each other.  We had one girl, Lavinia, who has problems with her legs and back, but that didn’t stop her from climbing the mountain with us all, so she got a point for courage. 

Now we have 25 kids from the village here at camp.  There are also 20 kids from an orphanage nearby. That totals 45 kids.  The group from the orphanage will join us for lesson and songs.  The kids will join us in memorizing verses and playing games.  There are a lot of kids and each one needs love and attention.  Right now, they are super excited and ready for fun. Please pray the rain will stop so we can have lots of fun outside in the fresh air.

One Response

  1. Praying Melissa that the rain will stop. I completely understand how rain can dampen plans and attitudes. Will pray God sends exactly what is needed for your camping experience.

    I am so proud of you and the staff that is working with you. So glad the teen portion of the camp ended in such a positive way. You all made an impact on all those teens lives! Your efforts will not return void. God will use this experience in those kids lives in some way and hopefully it will bring them to a realization of their need for Jesus as their own personal Lord and Savior.

    Stay encouraged we are praying that lives will not only be touched but changed through these camps.

    Love you!

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