Kindergarten and the Last day of School

kindergarteners dressed in their finest showing their diplomas

This past year teaching English has been a blast.  My favorite class by far was Kindergarten.  The teacher was very serious about the kids learning English and was very encouraging.  She even allowed the children to sing some songs in English for their graduation.

Singing "Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"

I’m very excited because the teacher who will have these kids for the next 4 years is also really serious about English lessons for the kids.  The new first grade teacher is last years 4th grade teacher and she had the most advanced (at least in English) class of all my classes.  I hope that these rising first graders will be speaking conversational English by the time they are in the 4th grade!

On the last day of school, there was a big celebration/awards ceremony.  Many kids got crowns and diplomas for the grade they have finished. The kids were all really excited.  There were lots of tears from the 4th graders because they will be moving to the Middle School (it’s just next door, but still…).

Moving on to Middle School

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  1. Ah. The last day of school – a bittersweet day. I am finally done for this year. As you well know teachers need a break so that they can be emotionally and physically recharged for the coming year. When will you begin classes in the fall? I start Aug. 23. Of course I will be in my classroom a week prior getting ready. Other than summer camp what are your plans for the coming months?

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