Camp updates

Just wanted to let you all know that I got the medical release forms for the 4 girls. Praise the Lord!  I am now waiting for 2 teens from Stroiesti to bring their forms and we are done!  They are the last 2 who have earned coming to camps. 

 One of the original concepts for the camps was to bring some kids from the city to camp so that the kids could all interact–so that the kids from Stroiesti would not be so isolated.  Well, this year, 2 children from the outreach project at my local church here will be joining us: Denis and Rodica.  They come to the Wednesday night children’s church each week and are super excited to come to camp.  This is a great opportunity for everyone. Another girl, who happens to a sister-in-law to a former campers, has had a tough year and I was asked, if at all possible could she come too.  Well, God opened up a spot for the teen camp and Lavina will be coming too. 

My prayer has been that God will bring the children He wants to this camp.  I will tell you, it has been hard making the lists.  There are kids I want to bring, but who have not been coming to Sunday School, so they haven’t “earned” it.  And I can’t just let them, because it does belittle the hard work and efforts of the other kids.  I know some kids felt that since they have always gone to camp in previous years, they can go this year too without the work.  I pray that those children (3 boys specifically) will start coming to Sunday School and participating.  As you pray for us at camp, please pray for these 3 boys too.

Yesterday, I discovered a snag in the great plan that is camp.  We are to leave Thursday morning, and I discovered that Thursday morning 3 of the teens (the mentoring kids) have a placement exam for high school.  Only one knew when it was, so I didn’t feel too bad about not knowing about the exam. They were all stressing about the exam and camp and how it would all work out.  And all three were ready to give up camp to take the exam.  I was happy to hear that school was more important than camp.  We are still working out the details but we’ll get everyone to camp.

Thank you for all of your prayer and contributions for camp, whether you sponsored a child or 2 or 3 or you sent supplies, we thank you.

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  1. They all look fabulous! Those kindergarteners are very special. I am thankful for their teacher and that she is supportive of your work there. Praying for camp and that God will bless each and every child as well as the workers. Lots of love!

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