More mis-adventures with TB

So Tuesday, I told the girls to meet me in front of the school at 9am on Friday.  They weren’t there.  I went to the school and took pictures of the kids since it was the last day of school.  When I left, 2 of the girls: Ana Maria and Alina Georgeta were by my car.  The conversation went a bit like this…only in Romanian

  “Where are your sisters, Ana?”
“In the corn field.”   ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????
“Seriously? Which one?” 
“I don’t know.”  I called her mother.  They were in the next village over.  I drove over.  The family was in the field and wouldn’t let the girls go, even though it had been arranged for day.  The older girls and Ana had no reaction to the TB test, so they figured they were fine and I would let them go to camp.  I explained that the doctor had to read the tests.  Knowing that Alina Georgeta ( AG) would have to get an x-ray, I took the little girls and promised to return after noon for the big girls. 

So we get to the doctors office and the nurse takes my word that the older girls have the same reaction as Ana and are ok, so she didn’t need to see them.  But as expected AG needs an x-ray.  Now, I was led to believer that the x-ray would take place at the doctor’s office.  OH NO!  We had to go to the hospital. The doctor’s wasn’t far, so we walked and after getting lost mulitiple times in the hospital got to Radiography.  We waited 40 mins and took the x-ray back to the doctor’s.  The doctor would be back at 2pm.  It was 11.  I took the girls to my apartment and to McDonalds for lunch.  We returned to the doctor’s just before 1 and she got back after 2:30.   After waiting a good hour…the girls were ready to give up…we got to see the doctor.  She declared all the girls NEGATIVE for TB. Praise the Lord.  She gave them passes for the doctor in the village and I’ll go on Monday to get medical releases for them.  The doctor wants the girls to take pills to prevent getting TB.  Ideally, everyone on the hill would do this.  I found out TB has been a problem on the hill for 3 years and no one had done anything about it.  30+ people have been repeatedly exposed in the last 3 years. …and no one cares.

Lord willing, the doctor in the village will give me medical releases for these 4 girls who do not have TB and they will have a great time in camp!

Thank you for your prayers for my girls…..

3 Responses

  1. Wow Melissa,
    When you have your own kids, it will be a piece of cake compared to all the stuff you are going through with these kids. So this is the best training!

    They are so fortunate you are such a lovely, giving and caring individual. That is amazing about the TB thing. Wow,not good. I hope camp is a fun time for all.
    Take Care, Thanks for the blog/e-mail whatever it is. Love, Shelley

  2. oh melissa, you were right in your response when i asked if you have gathered your “babe chicks” from across hills and valleys!! is that “MY” ana maria???? i still get so confused with the anas!! kim said she has a photo for me to see!! love and hugs!!

  3. you sure went through alot to get those Dr. notes. I am happy to hear that the girls will be able to attend camp. You are really doing so much for the children over there. Make sure you are taking just as good care of yourself as you are the kids you are ministering to. We are getting ready for Abriana’s 8th birthday party and she wants to have it here in our home. We are taking a leaf out of your book and doing a sleep over. Hopefully we will have as much fun you had at yours.

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