Sins of the Father

I can’t do it.  I can’t punish the kids because their parents won’t take them to the doctor. The doctor won’t give them health releases without tb  tests. Without health releases, they can’t go to camp.  So today, I took 4 girls to the get tb tested in the city.  This started yesterday, when we tried to get referrals.  By the time, they got the referrals it was too late to get the tb tests.  There is only one place in all of Suceava that does the tests.  So this morning at 9 am, the girls were not in front of the school like they should have been.  I drove to their home (look at the picture above on this blog…that’s their road) and found only one girl.  The rest of the families were in the field.  So, I tromped through the fields and we made arrangements for the girls to meet me at 1pm after school.  At one, we went to the doctor to get the last referral and then off to the city.  We actually found parking (miracle!) but got lost in the piata.  We found the office, waited and got the tests.  I had to drag…seriously….the oldest one into the office because she was scared of the needle.   We go back on Friday morning for the results.

Please pray these girls: Gabi, Ana Maria, Nicoleta, and Alina don’t have TB! 


2 Responses

  1. Wow, talk about persistance. Praying that these girls are able to go to camp.

  2. Excellent work!! Romanian culture is very aggressive. No reason we should be different. Sometimes its good to take the bull by the horns – or the girls to the Dr. Praying.

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