Strikes, Hospitals and a House

It has been a very interesting week here in Suceava. Monday, there was a general strike in the entire country.  Schools were closed, hospitals, and parts of the transportation network.  Many schools stayed closed until Wednesday. And many kids didn’t come to school on Thursday either.   The kids only have one more week of school.  It’s good that the strike ended.  There was talk that if the strike continued too long, all the students would have to repeat the grade.  I can’t imagine having to repeat a grade because the teachers had gone on strike 2 weeks before summer. WOW.

So, because I wasn’t in school, I took Olga to the doctor at the clinic. You may remember that she broke her leg in Sept. 2008.  She still walks with a limp and has a great deal of pain when she walks.  Well, between last weeks visit with the orthopedic doctor in the hospital and this weeks visit at the clinic, Olga has gotten disability forms for a year.  Praise the Lord!  This is fantastic for Olga.  She is a hard worker but is very limited by her leg.  These forms will allow the family to get some assistance from the government.

Wednesday, I was back at the hospital to visit Daniela.  Daniela was a wild teenager and was involved in prostitution.  Daniela is now 18 and got married last year.  On Sunday, she had a little girl–3.850 kilograms. Mom and baby are doing really well and are supposed to go home today, Friday.

Finally, yesterday, I drove a family to the offices of Habitat for Humanity about 45 mins away from here. This family is hard-working and just can’t get a loan to build a new house.  Their house is very old and needs modernization.  I asked around and found out that Habitat has a program here in Romania.  I gave the family the number and stepped away.  They arranged to meet with Habitat, and I played taxi driver.  (I can’t get involved in building house….I’ve seen that back fire in the village.) Anyways, after Habitat reject their plan, the family agreed to use an approved Habitat floor plan and Habitat will come next week to the village.  It’s very exciting to see the hope this family has.  If all goes through, Habitat will loan the family the money and they will pay it back over the next 5 years. Habitat will also over see the construction of the house!

There is so much to give praise for and to pray for in this update.  Please pray for the children at school in their last week before summer, pray for Olga and Daniela and pray for this family and their new house. And please continue praying for camp.  We did get another donation so one more camper is coming to camp.  You should have seen the grin on his face when I told him he could come to camp!

2 Responses

  1. Awesome, you were extremely busy this week. I am very proud of you and all the differences you are making in Romania. Praise the Lord for calling you and praise Him for your willingness to answer that call. You are making a difference in so many lives.

    Keep encouraged and know that you are prayed for and loved.

    Love ya,

  2. Hello Melissa! I thought you would enjoy knowing that Meghan is working as a camp counselor for a Lutheran Camp here in NC this summer. I hope all is well with you. Love you lots.

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