Adventures with my Parents

My parents and I had a few interesting adventures while they were here.  We never, ever got lost on the confusing road of Romania, we only had unplanned adventures!  My favorite was the Salt Mines at Cacica (Ca-chi-ca).  Underground in the mine is a ball room, a church, a chapel, and a sport terain….and 286 steps with no working elevator.

Another fun adventure was to the Suceavita monastery and the village of Margina.  Suceavita is a wonderfully painted monastery, still in use today.  We had a nice time looking at all the painting and marveling at the details and dedication it took to paint it all.  Next was Margina, known for its unique black pottery. The Ceramics of Marginea are well known all over the world. The beginning of the pottery in Marginea was dated by the historians around 1500. Marginea’ s geographical location, surrounded by forests, crossed by the Sucevita river and its clay land were the main conditions for this art in which clay, water and fire are working together in a magic triangle. Before the communist regime in Marginea were approximately 60 families who were working in this art. During the communism regime the possession of a potter wheel was considerate an offence and a lot of potters renounced at this art or they were working in secret. Later, the communists tried to exploit this art in their benefits and to give a new form trying to mechanize it.   

Next to the pottery shops is a little cottage where Grandma Ana sells embroidered tablecloths, shirts, and other cloth items.  My mom bought so much stuff that Grandma Ana cried and gave my mom a ceramic bowl to remember her by.  So sweet.  One of the tray clothes that my mom got Grandma Ana made when she was a young woman…..
oh, and I can’t forget the Romanian traffic jam…..

So charming, it wasn't a bother.


2 Responses

  1. looks like you all had a wonderful time together. So glad they could come and spend time with you…

  2. Hey sweetie! I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope I’m not too late! I don’t know what time it is there…… I love you bunches!!!

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