Summer Camp Update

God is in control and He has a plan for the children of Stroiesti…we just don’t always know what it is!  The planning for this year’s summer camp has been…interesting…. with no team from the States, I’ve had to find folks from Romania…and then keep them!  Right now, I have a great group of people who want to help with camp.  Pray that no more obstacles will get in the way.  One woman, Rebeca, spent last summer in Africa with orphans and she will be sharing her testimony with the campers.  My “partner in crime” every Sunday, Ana, who is a German and English teacher at a Christian school in the city, will be the main teacher at camp.  We have 2 guys who have just completed a missions training program in Spain.  And we have a lovely 17 year old girl who will join us for the second half of camp to help with the children. Gabi and Mihaela will be with us providing loads of support and keeping the hyper kids in line!

I am happy…no thrilled to announce that $3975.00 has been sent into MBK for camp.  We need a minimum of $4500.00 to have camp, and more would be ideal.  The more money, the more kids who get to come!

Please continue to pray for all of us as we plan and prepare for camp.  We have less than one month to go…..

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