Bogdan’s New Job


Bogdan is almost 16 and he has a new job for the summer.  He is working with sheep in a neighboring village, about 8 km from his home.  He guards the sheep as they are grazing and he assists the other men in gathering the sheep to milk.  He works all morning and in the afternoon he visits his cousins on another hill or works around the camp.  The sheep are milked and their milk is turned into cheese.  My parents and I were able to visit the sheep camp and the men gave us some cheese.  The men do not sell the wool from the sheep.  It turns out that it doesn’t make that much money.  Last year, the boss sheered the sheep and took the wool to the city and after paying the workers and the delivery truck, got very little money.  He said it just doesn’t merit the work.


Bogdan sleeps in this box near the sheep. Others are around the sheep pin.


Making cheese


Bogdan loves working with animals and enjoys his job with the sheep.  He is making a good monthly wage and wants to buy horse this summer.  With a horse, he will be able to join his father in the forest cutting wood.  He does get a bit homesick, so he his mother gave him an old cell phone and he calls her every evening. 

The view of the mountains and valleys are amazing.  The pictures do not it justice.  The air is so fresh and view is truly breathtaking. At times, the villages are hidden behind hills and you feel like you are a million miles from civilization, but you go to the next hill and see the city.    


The last 20 mins of the trip is on foot, up hill. I wore heels that day. (idiot)


Bogdan loves coming to Sunday School and usually, he would have to stay in the camp and miss Sunday School.  But Bogdan has amazing parents who know how important Sunday School is, not only for their son, but to their son.  Each Saturday afternoon, Bogdan’s dad bikes out to camp and trades places with Bogdan for the weekend and Bogdan goes back out to the camp on Monday afternoon.   My parents and I were able to play taxi drivers for Bogdan and his father.  Because of this, Bogdan’s mom sent along potatoes, onions, and bacon.  It was great being able to help.  His mom also said that Bogdan’s father will take his place with the sheep, while Bogdan is at camp with MBK this summer.  What an amazing family.  

Bogdan and his Father



5 Responses

  1. Love this update. Wow, what an amazing family, what hard workers, what sacrificial relationships. We can all learn from them!

    Take care, Melissa! We pray for you daily!

  2. Melissa,
    What a great work God has allowed you to be a part of and you to be obedient to his call. Bogdan and his father remine of the saying, “There is no greater love than a parent for their child.”

    Oh! How blessed we are to have a Heavenly Father who loves us that much and more. How he took our place on the Cross.

    You are a blessing to so many. I will contine to pray for this special mimistery.

  3. So glad you shared Bogdan’s story. They are a special family!!! Please say hello to them for me.
    Talk to you soon,
    Love ya,

  4. This story encouraged me so much today. Thank you for sharing it with me. I pray you are doing well and are trusting in God more and more. He is truly a God who cares for His people. Hallelujah! What a Savior! Btw, Abriana wants me to tell you that she hopes you are having a good time in Romania.

  5. Melissa, What a wonderful situation for Bogdan. It makes me realize that being a shepherd is still a sustainable occupation. Will you PLEASE take some pictures of the sheep milking process. I have been teaching my students about cheese. I also told them that I have milked a ewe during lambing season if the lamb needed a bottle or to help a lamb begin to nurse. It is very hard work. Since it takes a gal. of milk to make one lb. of cheese I am not sure how they milk sheep efficiently. I would love to see the process and then pass it on to my students. May God continue to bless your work in Romania.
    Blessings to you,

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