My Parents in Romania

So my dad has learned how to be a Romanian electrician.  I love my dad, so impressed w/ his work!  He’s fixed the toilet and 2 outlets….using the parts from an outlet that doesn’t work at all and will need to have part of the wall chiseled out to get the wire…so dad just used the parts and waa-laa! For my birthday my folks got me a dresser w/ coat hooks and a mirror for the hall and a lamp for my bedroom.  My dad built the dresser…its great!  We moved a bookshelf w/ doors covering the bottom half into the laundry room and for $65 I got a lovely new book-case for my living room.  It has just my stuff–books and dvds– on it.  The bookshelf that was in the hall and another bookshelf (both of which were here when I moved in) got put on top of each other and put into a corner of the living room….it now has all the stuff for the kids– english book and sunday school book. On the bottom are art supplies, which my mom covered w/ an old table-cloth!  I got my self a floor lamp and have plugged it into an outlet my dad fixed!  I couldn’t have moved the furniture or built some of the stuff w/o them.  They have turned my apartment upside down…in a good way.  Its been great. 
Today I took them to church and folks made my parents cry 3 times by saying nice things about me (I hate that).  The pastor got up and said how glad they were to have me, and challenged the people….”melissa left america to come and work in the village here and we don’t even go to that village and it right here.”  He then talked about Jonah and preached that as Christians we are supposed to be obedient to God and to serve Him and others. It was powerful. My friend, Tim translated (Tim’s English is so good, I didn’t think he was Romanian) and then went out w/ us to lunch since his wife was out-of-town on business. 

41 kids in Sunday School ages 4-16.

Then to the village we had 41 kids and rain. It was a blast. My parents were impressed w/ the singing. We sang the kids’ favorite songs along to the cds, so of course they were great!  We played a game after praying and singing, then passed out stars for those who knew their verse from last time. Then the lesson. Ana  talked about Gideon.  Remember how Gideon asked God to give him a sign twice just to make sure he understood God’s request?  Well, I shared how I asked God twice for a sign that I was to come here to Romania.  Its good when the kids can see God working in the lives of those around them, even if they don’t see it their lives.  The kids were reminded again, that Gideon was from a poor family and he was the youngest and God used him, and God can use all the children too!   My mom has decided she wants to take some of the kids home with her.  I’ll checking her suitcase before she gets on the airplane.

Florin's first time at S.S.

Mihai makes an airplane!

Then we had a paper airplane contest! And paper airplanes landed in the lake!  That was a blast!

3 Responses

  1. hi melissa, annie and john, what a “fab” update!!! loved reading all of the parent projects knowing how much they love YOU and how appreciative you are to spend time with them. the children are sponges and just soak it all up, the WORD, song, love, hugs and your many loving hours with them. they know you love them!!

  2. so happy for you that your dad and mom are getting to spend time with you in Romania. Very impressed that you had 41 kids in SS this morning! So proud of you and overjoyed to see how God is using your willingness to be used for Him.
    Stay encouraged.
    Love you!

  3. Great update! Aren’t parents wondeful when it comes to all the great help! Your folks sound very handy!

    Forty-one in Sunday School sounds fantastic (exhausting?!)! Great job, Melissa! Praise God for calling you to minister to these precious people.

    We’re about to have a “Parade of Nations” to wind down our school year with our h/school group. Costumes, flags, songs, ethnic food…should be fun! I think I’ll show the Romanian dolls you gave CLee, too. Love you, Melissa!!

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