left in a ditch


Monday around 10:15 am I took some trash out to the dumpsters.  I saw a group of people standing on the sidewalk.  This was unusual.  Then I saw what they were staring at: a man sleeping in small ditch.  I almost tripped over him.  I asked one of the cleaning women what was going on.  She said the man was dead.  Someone had checked his pulse and there wasn’t one.  The ambulance had been called. But the caller was told there was no ambulance available.  At 11:30 am when I left to go to school, the ambulance had finally arrived, well over an hour after the call was made.

I don’t know what this man’s name was.  He appeared to be homeless, but he probably had a family somewhere.  The only people who cared about his death were those who found them in their back yard.

The whole situation made me sad. I don’t have anything eloquent to say, but I just felt compelled to share this.  Its not funny or cute, but its sad.  I pray that his family was notified.  But I do wonder…why did he die at my building?  What was God’s purpose….I’ll just have to wait and see…..


3 Responses

  1. wow, I’m sorry too. Are you okay?

  2. Hey girl, you ok? sadness overwhelms me…..so many hurting people, so little time……
    So sorry you had this happen that close to where you live… you may never know the entire story, our world is so full of pain and situations that are less than ideal, and in a situation like this it’s so hard to know what you should have, could have done to make the outcome different……. what is hard for me to grasp sometimes is maybe I couldn’t have done anything….
    Keep your chin up and be encouraged! You are being a light in the community where you are living and the ministry that you are doing all around you……. We love you!

  3. Love, love that socialized medicine. No ambulance available? Keep us posted as to the cause of death.
    Also, let me know when the box arrives.

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