Hey, Mom Look what I can do!

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter in Sunday School.  I wanted to have a little party for the kids and had prepared packages for them.  I had seen the weather report and knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty day.  A couple weeks before I had seen a silly game on CNN and decided it would be the perfect rainy day game for the kids.  I was right, the kids loved it.

The game is to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands.  Anderson Cooper could get like 3 in his mouth in a minute.

I had to show the kids how to do it.

Diana and Diana have fun laughing, even if the cookie fell.


The boys take a turn!

But don’t worry, the cookies that fell on the ground went to the dogs and the kids got nice clean cookies to eat! We had so much fun playing this game.
After this game, we played pin the tail on the Bunny! 

Liviu takes his turn.

Brother Florin has fun teasing the older kids!

After game time is craft time…the kids decorated crosses.  I was really proud of the kids, some of them got really creative.  Some even took the small pieces of foam shapes and cut them into other shapes to create their own designs.
Florin cutout arrows pointing to the cross!
Vlad pauses to pose for a picture.

We had a very nice Easter celebration, inspite of the rain.  And all the kids left very happy!




4 Responses

  1. dear precious sweet melissa, how very dear! the photos captured their happy faces. the love for Jesus is shown to them in oh so many ways! i love you!

  2. How fun!!! Great job, Melissa…the kids looked like they were having a blast!!
    He is Risen!!

  3. It’s so nice to be able to recognize faces. Please give them all a big hig from me on sunday. I’ve collected quite a few tote bags for you. Will get everything in the mail by May 1st.

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast. You do an excellent job. The faces are priceless, including yours. :o)
    Stay encouraged! Jesus is using you to show His love to those kids and their families.
    Love you!

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