Spring has come

After almost 5 months of cold winter, a beautiful spring has come to Suceava.  The old man who lives at the end of my building, planted flowers in parking lot and seems to wash his car everyday, though I’ve never seen him drive it.  My crazy neighbor has been outside cleaning up the gardens and has used her time outside to be extra nosey.  The little kids in the building carry piles of leaves and trash to the dumpsters with the apartment dogs in tow.   The side walks are swept.  The park across the street is full of pensioners, mothers with small children, and kids hanging out after school.  It seems like all of Suceava is outside in the sun.

In the village, it seemed like the entire population was outside on Tuesday cleaning.  Sweeping the streets and preparing for spring. I saw some of the teen girls, who don’t go to school, cleaning for wages from the mayor’s hall.  I saw them the next day, on the main road (highway) collecting more trash.  On Wednesday, the school got out early so that the kids could pick up the trash on the side of the road.  This was amazing to me.  In Romania, and esp. in the village, it’s nothing to see people throw their trash on the ground or out of their cars.  The village had gotten grimy and muddy after the long winter; it’s so beautiful now.   The kids took pride in full bags of trash. 

Oh, and if you are curious, yes, the pollen is just as bad here as it is in Wilmington! 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Welcome spring and sunny days!! No more perpetual gray! I remember what you mean about people just throwing trash on the ground like it’s no big deal. Used to drive me crazy!! So glad to hear about the clean up day!

    Have a blessed evening, Melissa!! Love you, sister!

  2. hi melissa, i guess they really know what spring cleaning is! how wonderful for you to see, feel and enjoy spring after your long, cold winter. it’s like the village came to life. enjoy your spring weekend! all my love, prayers, hugs….

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