Having a back up plan

For two months, we have been teaching the kids about Moses.  Two whole months about Moses.  Ask my kids and they can tell you about the plagues of Egypt and the 10 commandments.  They can tell you what Moses means (drawn from water) and how long he was in the Pharaoh’s palace 940 years) and in the wilderness of Midian (40 years).  The kids really got into all the lessons.  They created pyramids and frogs.  They oohed and ahhed over the Tabernacle model I made and made grapes showing the best of Stroiesti in honor of the best of the promise land. 

SOOOO,  as a special surprise for the children, Ana and I found the movie “Prince of Egypt” complete with subtitles.  They could have watched it in Chinese because they know the story so well now. We finally found a projector and screen to borrow and were all set to show the movie. 

I was setting up the projector and turned on the power strip. No power.  This was my power strip from home, I knew it worked.  I tried some thing else in the plug.  Nothing.  I tried another plug, nada.  One of the kids, flipped on the lights, nothing.  There was no power in the building.  I made a call. And found out that the building closest to the main road in the village, was no longer being used so the owners stopped paying the power bill.  The building we use, an old disco, is the last building on the left on the short dirt road.   The power company cut the power line from the main road to the abandoned building cutting off power to the rest of the left side of the road.  No they couldn’t just cut the power to the abandoned building, they cut off all the buildings.  So there is no power in our building because the owner 2 buildings up, didn’t pay his bill.

So, what are we to do with 30 kids waiting to watch a movie?  We had no lesson planned. We had no back up plan, because we never imagined there being no power.  So we sing.  We sang almost every song we all knew and even learned a new one for Easter. 

Thank God, spring has come and it was lovely and warm outside .  We were able to have Sunday School on the covered patio. We had a guest come, who gave a short lesson about Easter. And Ana explained the meaning of the new Easter song.  We then played some games and the kids were very happy.

We will watch the Moses movie as soon as there is power.  We are told there will power after Easter.  I think there will be power before June! The problem now….we were going to do the Easter story next week!  Any suggestions for next week?

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  1. Hi! I am so glad my village babies had a warm day outside. Guess what? The Easter story can be told on any sunday. It works no matter the day. I know they’ll be anxious to watch the movie next week. So… the Easter Story will be a great follow up to Moses. Moses didn’t get but a glimpse of the promised land but he did get “the promised one”. No worries. The story of the cross is perfect any sunday. I WISH I COULD BE THERE WHEN THEY HEAR IT. Make sure they know he loved them with the cross. Give yourself and Ana a big hug from me.

  2. Melissa: Great job improvising! These kind of situations end up making us stronger and more dependent on the help of God, and less dependent on ourselves and our plans. Trust me I know how frustrating it can be, and yet how humbling to know that God can use something like today to speak to a child sometimes more than our best laid plans.

    Be encouraged you and your team are doing a great thing getting these kids together for sunday school. God will honor your willingness to be used for Him.

    Love you!

  3. Role Play: Assign parts – even for the big stone in front of the tomb – and as you read the story from the Bible the children will act out their parts. I have done this with teenagers using familiar Bible Stories and it works. They remember the story really well because they became a part of it.
    Just a suggestion.

  4. have the kids pedal like Gilligan for their films. Old car alternator hooked up to an inverter powered by a bicycle…

    In all seriousness if you need a backup portable power source for low energy use like this it really isn’t as off the wall hard as it may seem. I’ll be happy to help you out with it. and think of the possibilities, films anywhere…..anywhere.

    If you have a charged car battery or two, and your car can charge them using jumper cables, you then hook them up to an inverter, this changes the current from dc to ac (car to house), inverters have plugs on them for appliances, like dvd players and projectors, and depending on the amount of energy used (in this case not much), you should have hours of video time.

    Actually this is the way Amish boys on ramspringer play nintendo in their communities some times.

    Take care and ask if you need any help.


  5. I like the role play idea from Shari…the more kids can move/act out the stories, the more they’ll remember them! Could you also do a craft or a candy hunt?

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