Kim’s Visit Update

We are having a very nice time.  Kim has fallen in love with my kids (who wouldn’t, they are great!).  Today, she helped me teach kindergarten and 2nd grade.

Last night, Kim lead a Bible Study on Esther.  24 woman and teen girls came.  It was great.  Kim was asked to give some of her back ground and she told the group about some of the other Bible Studies she had lead.  My friend Anca said, “wow, we never learn a book of the Bible; it’s always how to raise your kids or understand your husband better.”  Other commented, how no one had time to lead a study because there are few single women or women with out children here.   We are praying that God will raise up some one to lead the women in Bible Study!

3 Responses

  1. That’s wonderful!!! May you both continue to be a blessing to these young ladies. Praying for the Lord to raise up a women’s Bible study leader.

    Barbara Triebe

  2. You go, ladies!!! To God be the glory!!

    We take so much for granted here…didn’t even think about how blessed I was this morning going to the COTC Bible Study. Will be praying for a women’s Bible Study teacher for your town(s), Melissa!

    Have fun, ladies!!

  3. Awesome. Education is the way, a number of social studies have shown that for every 3 years of education a woman has she will have one less child on average. So keep up the good work, help them understand the need for their studies and in a few years you’ll work yourself out of a job. You know with all those well educated women your helping bring up.
    Much love.

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