So, since I now know how to upload videos, I thought I would share this funny video I took last week in Kindergarten.  The kids are singing “10 Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed.”  Usually, they are better at singing it and can sing it without me singing with them.  However, they were VERY distracted by the camera, so this is what we got!  I love the one kid, who is just making up words in him own language; he’s so confident in his singing. So funny.  The kids in this class are my quickest learners and love to sing.  We pretty much sing for the whole hour.  It’s great.

2 Responses

  1. Great, Melissa! (That’s ALOT of kindergartners…hats off to you, girl!)

  2. Looks like fun,you are cut out to work with kindergartners,keep up the good work.
    Hopefully in ten years some of these kids will be powerful witnesses for Jesus in their community.
    thanks Melissa.

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