March 1st

March 1st is just another day in America, but here in Romania it marks the first day of Spring!!!!  And today really felt like the first day of Spring. The sun is shinning and it’s 55 degrees outside.  So much snow has melted that I can even see some green grass.  It’s wonderful.

On March 1st or Martisor (Martsee-shor),  the girls give the boys little trinkets.  Well, most of the kids give their teachers these little trinkets too!  I recently changed my class schedule because my 3rd graders where not getting enough classes on Friday because of events etc. So, I was at school today.  I had fair warning and waited outside, chatting with a mother when the bell rang.  The little kids saw me and I got a ton of trinkets–okay, 18.  My 3rd grade class also gave me a card and they wrote it lovely English.  So cute.

Class 3-A. The little blond boy in front missing his 2 front teeth is in the 1st grade but sits with his brother so he doesn't have walk home alone.

Some of the trinkets were pinned to my jacket, other were handed to me. I gave each child a kiss on their cheeks.According to my friend, Ana, the red and white string on each trinket is special for March 1st, but has no other meaning. What a wonderful and fun tradition! It's a beautiful way to start my first Spring here in Romania. A close up of some of the trinkets.A close up of some of the trinkets.


For all of you homeschoolers, here are some websites about Martisor!


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  1. My friend, Ana, asked her mom what the red and white string means. According to Ana’s Mom, the red is for love and the white is for purity.

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