My mother reminded me that I haven’t posted anything recently.  I told her nothing exciting had happened.  My mom told me that didn’t matter, people want to know what is going on!

So, here you go:

Last week, I took 3 of my mentee’s to a private school run by the Mennonites here in Suceava. (Silvia was sick). It’s an American style school with small classes and individual attention.  The school is also a tech school where the boys learn woodworking or car mechanics and the girls learn sewing/technical or baking/service.  The school only goes to the 11th grade, but the students are given the option to go to the 12th grade in the city to complete their diploma and exams for university. Well, my 3 students were so excited!  They have a new energy for studying and are ready to go.  They have HOPE!  The students went home to tell their parents and all of the parents are looking forward to visiting the school in the Spring.  The students will have to take an exam to get in, but the school director told us that the exam was easy and she didn’t think they would have a problem with the exam.

Two weekends ago, we had a huge snow storm that put 2 feet of snow on top of the 1 1/2 feet of snow.  Well, all that snow has started to melt leaving huge ponds of water in the roads.  In the village, it’s even worse and I felt like I was off-road driving.  I, eventually, just got on the snow, because there was better traction on the snow than in the water!   There was one hill where the water was running so fast that I felt like I was driving in a creek!

Classes are going well and kids in the fourth grade have finally realized that they will be starting English classes next year in Middle School.  They are getting more serious about it.  My kindergartener continue to soak up new words and song like a sea sponge.  Their new favorite song is “10 Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed.”

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

2 Responses

  1. We don’t have much going on right now either. It’s just February everywhere, isn’t it! We are working on the landscaping though. You know, for such a small yard, we have spend a lot of money. We put in a trellis on the short part of the front porch and improved the island by the sidewalk. I am making a new island that will be a circle of azaleas around the other bigger tree. Thinking of you the whole time. Love ya.

  2. Melissa,your mom is right ,keep the updates comeing,
    Us on the other side of the world want to know what is going on,it reminds us to pray for you and the kids in Romania.
    What might seem monotonous to you ,is really exciting to us couch adventures..lol

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