Summer Camp

Summer camp is coming soon and the children of Stroiesti are already asking me about it.  This year, we want to do something a bit different.  Instead of having a 7 day summer camp with 25 children, we want to have two 5 day summer camps for more children, up to 45.  The first camp would be for children who have finished the 2nd grade until age 13.  The second camp would be for teens aged 14-18.  We have not had a teen camp in Stroiesti and this is an exciting opportunity to reach more teens.

The challenge however, is that there is no team from America to help us with the camp.  We are in need of a team of men and women to work with these amazing kids.  The team would be able responsible for organizing games and skits for the children.  They would also be responsible for organizing some of the crafts.  At this point the theme of the camp is still undecided.

The children’s camp is June 17-22 and teen camp is June 22-27.  The team from America would have the option to rest on the 22nd while staff drops off the children and pick up the teens.  The team would have an opportunity to do some sightseeing in Suceava and explore the painted monastery of Voronet after the camp.  The team would also be able to visit the children in their homes in Stroiesti and meet their siblings and parents.

Are you unable to join us for camp?  You can sponsor a child or teen.  This year camp is $100 per child/teen for five days of camp.  This $100 provides 3 good meals and 2 snacks each day, a warm bed to sleep in and many activities during the day.  This does not include transportation.  We also need camp counselors/translators.  Romanian counselors/translators are $200 for the entire 10 period.

If no team is able to join us, we will need extra counselors from Suceava.

Please pray for us as we plan the summer camp.  Pray for a team and sponsorship for the children and translators.  Pray for each child or teen coming to camp that their hearts will be open to God’s word.

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  1. I respect people who immerse themselves in a third-world country and helping the local children establish some sort of recreation in a camp setting for at least one week of the summer. The costs are low to give these kids an abundance of activity, making new friends, and learning that a summer’s fun doesn’t have to be spent playing video games or watching TV.

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