This week, the kids have a week break because ‘ end of the semester at school.  So, I was thinking about what I did during my vacation time when I was a little girl.  My mom always let me have sleep-overs.  Three girls: Diana, Ana Maria, and Alina, were invited to spend the night.  Ana had only missed one Sunday School since August and Diana and Alina only 2.  The girls came over and took showers (re:lice) and we played games, ate lots of food including ice cream.  We made valentines and painted nails.  It was a very good time.  The girls were very excited and stayed up late (they usually go to bed at 8pm) and then were up at 6 am..  Sunday morning, they came to church with me in the city and after lunch we all went to the village for Sunday school.  It was really fun to have the girls over, but now I need to get some sleep!

Getting ready for bed

Snuggled in Bed!

2 Responses

  1. Once again, you are doing a great job. I am sure these kids had a blast.

    Stay encouraged, keep your eyes on Jesus and continue working to further His Kingdom.

    love ya

  2. What a fun time! You rock, girl! You’ve made a wonderful memory for those teenage girls! I was also glad to see a little bit of your flat!! Looks nice!

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