Pictures from Christmas

The Christmas Play went very well.  The Culture Hall was very cold but people still came and all the seats were filled. Parents who usually don’t come to events came to see their kids in play.  Many of the kids I work with, are considered from the wrong side of the tracks and don’t get much credit, but it was those kids who were staring in the play with “the American girl”.  A children’s choir came and performed and even brought hand bells.  A visiting pastor shared a short gospel message. It was a wonderful program and my kids were the stars!  They looked so cute in their costumes.  I was so busy that I wasn’t able to get many picutes.  
 We were worried that there wouldn’t be enough boxes for all the children there, but like the loaves and fishes, the boxes seemed to multiply and there were even a few extra.  My friend, Ana, who is my partner in crime in the village, told me about a very poor family from her church. We had enough boxes to take to them.  The family was so grateful for the Christmas packages.

One of Herod's Soldiers

The Christmas play...It was very cold!

Passing out Christmas boxes to a poor family

Very happy children!


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