Back in the swing of things

It is so great being back in Suceava and back into the village.  Last week, I went back to school and saw all my kids.  They were happy to see me, but they weren’t happy reviewing vocabulary. I told them, they can’t learn English unless they learn their vocabulary.  (And that if they learned their vocab we could play games with the words!)

I visited some of the families and had great conversations with them all.  Parents told me how the kids had been waiting for me to return.  I visited with Bogdan and Diana and found that their father returned early from Portugal.  The weather had been bad there and prevent the men from working for 3 weeks, so they came back to Romania.  It was a successful trip.

Sunday school was great. Not all the kids heard that Sunday School was back, so we only had about 19 kids.  There was also a funeral in the village and some of the kids like to go to the funeral to get candies etc.  But it was a good day at Sunday school.  We started learning about Moses.  The children paid lots of attention thanks to the new flannel board set! 

So things are going well.  There is a lot of snow on the ground and I’m getting more confident driving on the snowy/icy roads in the village. I’m very grateful for my winter tires.  My Southern Friends and Family…YOU HAVE NO IDEA!   

This weekend its supposed to get to about -4 fahrenheit so pray we are able to stay warm!

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  1. Sounds fantastic! You are doing such a good job, Melissa! It sounds like the kids just adore you. Another one who adores you is a red-headed four year old girl who told me last week,”I’m going to be a missionary in Romania just like Ms. Melissa!” She told me that she plans on working WITH you in her future… 🙂 God is great!

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