Returning to Romania

Armed with a new computer and 3 suitcases, I’ll be flying back to Romania tomorrow, Tuesday.  I’ll fly from Wilmington to Philly to Frankfurt and then Bucharest.  In Bucharest, Eduard, the choir director will pick me up at the airport. I may spend some time with Eduard and family before heading back to Suceava on the train. 

 Sunday school will start back this coming Sunday.  I’m excited to get back to my kids in Romania.  I have enjoyed my time here with friends and family and especially getting to know Baby Eva.

Thank you to everyone who blessed me while I have been here in Wilmington.  I was overwhelmed by your kindness and love. 

6 Responses

  1. Traveling mercies to you sister. It was great seeing you and spending a little time with you. We’ll be praying. – Jerry (for Michelle and Toby too!)

  2. I miss you already! But I’m glad we got to get together – twice! Not bad considering neither of us live within a 10 hour trip to Wilmington anymore, right?

    I’m glad to hear your computer arrived safe and sound. I’m asking God to make your travels safe and quick!

  3. Hey– so sorry we weren’t home for Xmas– I hope you had a wonderful time. Please let me know how we can help support your ministry and travel safely!
    God Bless with lots of love,
    your favorite cousin (whose first name is keenan)

  4. Safe travels to you.

  5. Safe travels, sweet Melissa, and, welcome home.

  6. It was great to see you and you looked great too. You were an amazing speaker last Sunday at church and your love for God and the children in Romania really shows. We are praying for you and for our kid on the bookmark. Stay warm and safe in the Father’s care.

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