snow snow and more snow

This southern girl is in shock! 

A friend of mine complained there was no snow.  I told her, stop praying for snow until after I get winter tires.  I got winter tires on Friday afternoon.  Friday night the flurries started.  I loved it.  There were flurries for 3 full days with a beautiful dusting everywhere and the roads were very drivable.  Then Tuesday happened.  Tuesday the flurries turned into full snow!  And it hasn’t stopped snowing since.  The main roads are drivable with a nice layer of brown slush covering them.  I am totally learning to drive in the snow.  Like I said, the roads are ok, its just getting to the roads.  You see, the parking lots are not cleared.  So I have to drive through the snow.  Fortunally, I am able to follow other’s tire tracks.  And I haven’t gotten stuck (yet)!

So, unless I have to use the I’ve been walking.  By the time I put on all my warm clothes (tights, leggings, thermal pants, 2 socks, fur lined boots, 2 shirts, a sweater, hat, scarf, gloves AND mittens, and my coat) I feel like the Stay-puff Marshmellow Man!  Then, of course, like a 5 year old, I have to use the bathroom, and have to take of a least two layers, before repeating the process.  Oh my, it will be a long winter! But it will be fun.  It’s an adventure!  🙂

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