Ice Skating

I took the mentees ice skating at the mall for our little Christmas party.  One girl decided at the last min. not to come.  I think she was just scared to ice skate.  At first, only Anca would go and really wanted me to go with her.  I had planned to just take pictures. But I got on the ice with her.  It was easier than I remembered…I think it was the good skates.  We were able to get Alina Gabriela on the ice after a few mins. And Andrei stayed happily on the side lines taking pictures.  Finally, there was too much snow on the rink to really skate, so after an hour we went to eat.

Snow princesses!

Andrei chose McDonalds.  It was the first time there for the girls.  They enjoyed it.  We had ice creams and then took the elevator back down to entrance.  I mention the elevator, because it was Anca’s first time on an elevator.  Sometimes, I am surprised at what these kids haven’t experienced.

McD's and Suceava's own Betty Ice Icecream, what could be better?

The mentoring program will continue in the new year. Please continue to pray for this great teenagers!

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