A Christmas Tradition

One tradition, they have here in Romania, is the annual slaughter of the Christmas hog.  I was “invited” to help on my friend’s farm.  I told them I would be there after the hog and calf were slaughtered. 

Because Romania is part of the European Union, butchering in one’s courtyard  is no longer allowed.  One is  supposed to take their pig and calf to the butchers.  So far, this law has not been enforced, but most expect it will be soon.

Well, I got to the farm and went into the outside kitchen and saw pig and calf  parts and knew that I just couldn’t do it. I’ve gotten used to cleaning and cooking fresh chicken, I think I’m doing pretty good.  So, I was assigned to clean the deep freeze, which I did.  Everyone had a nice laugh at the city girl who couldn’t  butcher a pig.  I said I would try again next year.  I was given some meat to cook at home and it was oh so good. 

I thought about posting pictures, but thought you all wouldn’t like that at all!

One Response

  1. Come on, let’s see some pig parts…second thought, never mind. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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