Home for Christmas….

Yes, the rumors are true, I will be in Wilmington for Christmas this year. My parents were able to use frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket for me.  What a blessing!!!!  This will be the first Christmas in 2 years that I won’t be in Romania; it will be great to see my family…I’ve heard there will be 32 people at Christmas dinner.  I’m especially excited to meet my new niece, Eva, who was born in October!

I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago to the kids here in Stroiesti.  At first they were concerned I wasn’t going to be here for the Christmas pageant…and that I wasn’t coming back!!  And secretly, who was going to give them their Christmas boxes if I wasn’t there!  But I assured them, I would be here for the Christmas pageant and nothing could prevent me from coming back to my kids!  Diana’s mom told me that Diana was very concerned that I wasn’t coming back.  She told her mother, “I know Melissa is much older than me, but she really is my very best friend!”  Yes, I got all teary eyed when I heard that.  But now  that she knows I’m coming back, she is totally fine with  me leaving for Christmas.

So for the next week, we are making the final preparations for the Christmas pageant and having a week a rehearsals since the kids are out of school a week early to save the government money.  Please pray that we have a good attendance for the program and that people are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Please also pray for traveling mercies, as I will be traveling for 2 days: one day on the train to Bucharest and then over 24 hours on planes and in airports!

2 Responses

  1. So happy for you that you get to come home! I am sure the kids were concerned that you wouldn’t return.
    Will pray for you this week, then next as you travel.

    Take care and be encouraged!! YOu are doing an awesome work there in Stroiesti.

    Love ya

  2. Can’t wait to see you!!

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