Christmas Boxes

While you are all celebrating Thanksgiving this year, my apartment has been turned into Santa’s Workshop!  I received 180+ Christmas Shoeboxes for the children of Stroiesti this morning.  Along with the shoeboxes were lovely winter wear including handmade scarves and hats from a group in Minnesota, toothbrushes and tooth paste from a dentist’s office in PA, extra toys and school supplies and clothes for the children!  It is overwhelming.  Even more so that the boxes came almost 2 weeks early!!!  Praise the Lord.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting the names of the children on the boxes.  Each child will see their name on the box and know that it was packed with love and prayers for a wonderful new year.  Thank you to everyone who packed a box, make a scarf, and sent all the extras to the children of Stroiesti! 

Christmas boxes, clothes, toothbrushes, oh my!

Boxes of Shoeboxes!

Boxes of Shoeboxes

5 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord! I am so glad they arrived safely.
    That’s an awesome idea to put their names on them and personalize them, awesome idea! Keep encouraged and have a great time opening the boxes.

  2. oh melissa, that is pure joy!! the children will be so delighted! did you ever get the boxes from here (clothing, baby stuff, etc.)???? hopefully it will come to YOU for distribution!

    thank you for the update and photo….sending love

  3. I will pray for discernment for you. What a delight to be able to put names on the packages so that it is personalized. God’s richest blessings of wisdom and discernment as you tag the boxes. I bought the stuff for my seven grandchildren to pack a box for a child the same age as them.
    Have fun with the project and may it go smoothly for you.
    You are in our prayers,

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa! I pray that you would be filled with Thanksgiving toward your Lord. May He bless you for your tireless efforts for His Kingdom. I hope you can find a turkey somewhere in order to celebrate.

  5. YAY so glad they all made it safely!! =) It was so much fun packing them all up for the kids!! =D

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