Field Trip

Yesterday, the children of Stroiesti were invited to an event in the city at a sister church. The event was kind of like a harvest-thanksgiving celebrations, kind of…..  35 kids from the village were there and there was 125+ kids in total.  There was a lesson about the tree that produces good fruit and bad fruit.  Followed by a game and then fruit eating.  The kids stuffed themselves with fruit.  They ate kiwi, coconut, and pineapple, some for the first time.  And it was only the kids from Stroiesti who decided to eat the veggies.   It was a fun event and the kids really enjoyed themselves.


Music time


Ionut playing "guess that fruit"


All the fruit was gone in 30 mins.


The boys eating peppersEnjoying Fruit


3 Responses

  1. Looks like a wonderful day!!

    We’re in full swing for the Christmas music now…many rehearsals…good stuff. The COTC Haiti mission trip is happening now…they’ll be there for almost another week.

    In school, our kids have “travelled” through N. and S. America and are now in Europe! You are a part of our “geography game.” Love you, Melissa!

  2. Hey! It is sooooo exciting to hear what is going on in the kids’ lives through your eyes! Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus to them and their families! I am reminded how precious fruit is in Romania! Eduard T. was reminding me! It is something we take sooooo for granted! Here in America we are so blessed for parents to be able to stay with their families and work…. We’ll be praying for the father’s who have to go to Portugal!

    Tonite we had our Thanksgiving Dinner at church and the kids had a little program! Luke made some adorable little pilgrim and merchant hats! Cute! And I helped them make little baskets! Some of the kids were very creative!

    Love you and thanks for your prayers! God is being faithful! 🙂

  3. This looks like it was a great time and very exciting for the kids. Seems unbelievable that some had not tasted some of that before. But that makes it even more exciting.
    Keep encouraged and know that you are loved and prayed for.
    Domnul cu Tine, Melissa!

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