In the details

We all know God is in the big things, but I know I sometimes forget that God is also in all the details.  He has reminded me of this many times recently, but yesterday, it was even more apparent.


You know we like to celebrate birthdays at Sunday School in the village.  Yesterday Gabriela’s 7th birthday.  We usually have about 20-22 kids come, so I made cupcakes and brough a couple extra. I had a total of 26 cupcakes.  Usually, we sing “Happy Birthday” at the end of the program and the kids can eat their cupcakes on their way home.  Well, this week, I decided that they could eat their cupcakes while watching part 3 of the “God’s Story” film  we have been watching.  There were 25 kids.  Each child got a cupcake (Gabriela decided to save her special cake for home).  No sooner than all the cupcakes were eaten and the papers thrown away, did 4 girls come in for Sunday School (we had changed the time and they hadn’t gotten the message about so they were very late.)  Had we waited, there would not have been enough cupcakes for everyone and feeling would have been hurt and children would have been upset.  Or no one would have gotten cupcakes (and I would have had 26 chocolate cupcakes to eat!).  But God knew and inspired me to have cupcakes early.  I am always amazed at how God is truly in all the details!



Happy Birthday, Gabriela!



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