Bogdan’s Eyes Part 2

We went to the doctor today and got to the office with only getting a little lost.  Yippy!  The doctor noticed much improvement in his eyes and told him that the glasses are permanent.  She, also, said that surgery is not a good option.  The surgery is really most effective for children under 5 and Bogdan is 15.  She said at this point the surgery would be cosmetic and would be unnecessarily risky.  We are to go back and see her in one year.

Everyone was thrilled with news.  Bogdan’s eyes will continue to improve and he doesn’t have to have surgery.  Both he and his mom were happy about this.  After the appointment we celebrated by going out to dinner!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

One Response

  1. oh melissa, that is a praise report! thank you for sharing the good report. it sounded like your drive for the appt. was much less adventuresome than previous ones!!

    it’s cool to know you are doing some “normal” things like going out to dinner, playing cards with friends!!!

    love and hugs…..

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