Funny things that happened last week

So last week, funny things kept happening to me.  Now, I thought they might only be funny to me, but I then I told my dear friend, Cindi and she thought they were funny too.  So, I’ll share.

So, last week it rained a lot and in the village there are a lot of dirt and gravel roads.  Tuesday, it was sleeting out and I didn’t want Alina to have to walk into the village to meet me so we could all go into the city for English class.  So, I started on the gravel road and it was only at the bottom of the valley were there was bad mud.  It was a small little pond, but fairly easy.  Then up the hill and down the dirt road to Alina’s.  Well, Alina’s road was all mud and my car started sliding–it was actually a bit scary.  But fortunately, Alina’s road is like the ONLY road in Romania that doesn’t have ditches on either side of it, so I put two tires in the fields and was fine.  I was just about at Alina’s when this all happened. 
     So, then while  Alina was changing her clothes, I was outside scrapping the mud off my tires with a TWIG I found, couldn’t find anything better.  It was so cold and the sleet….oi!  The drive back was a bit scary as we were sliding, but God protected us.  And now, I think it’s just funny.
Funny thing two:  Wednesday the school had an event. If I had known I would have brought my camera.  The event was like a talent show, county fair, and beauty pageant all rolled into one!  Students won prizes for pies and cakes and the biggest potato and pumpkin.  Different classes got up and danced and sang.  One group of girls sang “My Heart will go On” from Titanic.  There was traditional music and dancing.  It was fantastic.   Then, they had the beauty  pagent.  Twenty girls eager to be Miss Autumn -Stroiesti 2009.  I had flash backs to Homecoming coronation.  And as in all beauty pageants there were tears.  The entire event was really fun and the kids did a great job.

Well, at this event, I got swarmed by my students.  This one little first grader was so cute and I pulled her on to my lap.  Well, she had, at some point earlier in the day, wet herself.  So, my pants got a bit a wet spot on them.  Ok, not a big deal, little smells, but  first graders do that and I washed my pants when I got home. 

You would have thought I had learned my lesson, but no.  The next day, I was teaching third graders and a kindergartener came in to wait with her brother.  Well, I had just had her class and she had done so well.  I pulled her on to my lap so she could show off her mad English skills and sing “One little, two little, three little Indians,”  when I realized, she had wet her pants at some point during the day. 

Ok, so, no more little kids getting pulled on to my lap at school.  It takes too long for my clothes to dry in the winter to be washing them everyday!!!!!

2 Responses

  1. I LOVE it!!!! Yep! That’s exactly how it goes! God has a very funny sense of humor in humbling us in ways we just totally cannot even imagine! But remember…your laying up TREASURES in heaven!!!! It may seem that in serving Christ and not the World, Christians get the dirty jobs:( BUT these dirty jobs have UnFATHONABLE returns!!!!:) HOW dirty are you willing to GET?! Keep Faithful…

  2. You know what they say… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me… 🙂

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