Teaching and Potatoes

I really enjoyed my first week at the school in Stroiesti.  I’ve had really good classes. I’m getting to know the teachers in the elementry school and they are really helpful.  I’m totally in love with the Kindergarten class.  Nothing is cuter than 6 year olds going “up, up, up” and standing on tippy toes, then saying “down, down, down” until they touch the floor!  So cute.  The older kids are eager to learn more and are going to keep me on my toes!

I had a tutoring session with one of the older girls on Friday afternoon.  And have plans to meet with her again next Friday.  She is one of the girls I would love to help to go to high school next year.

I grew up in the suburbs and when I wasn’t in the ‘burbs, I was in a city.  This weekend, I had my first experience of actually working on a farm.  It wasn’t too bad. After school on Friday, I went with my friend, Misha, to her Grandfather’s farm in a village nearby.   Grandfather is 84 years old and still does a lot of the work on the farm.  Her mother lives there too and hadn’t been feeling, so we thought we could help.  There was a lot of work to do.  We cut the tops off of sugar beets (I forgot to take a picture of them).  The sugar beets had been dug up and left in the field.  After we cut the tops off, the beets were loaded into a wagon pulled by the horse closer to the barn.  The sugar beets (about the size of an eggplant, but looks like a mutated carrot) are used to feed the animals in the winter.  They will be put into a hole in the ground and dug us a needed throughout the winter. 

Next we started sorting potatoes: big potatoes for people, medium for seeds next years, small and slightly rotten for the animals, very rotten in the trash.  Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?  It’s not.  It’s nice mindless work, but we were soar after sorting for 2 days.  And there is still more to do. 

I swear that pile of potatos was growing!

I swear that pile of potatoes was growing!

Sunday School was great this week.  Brother Florin has agreed to come every week and he will bring cookies and chocolate bars for the kids.  A young woman named, Ana will help translate when needed and help with lessons.  There are 2 more girls who will be able to come most weeks.  It’s very exciting to have a team dedicated to working with the kids at the church.  We also started learning the “Our Father” in  English.  The children know this prayer in Romanian and its something they wanted to learn in English.  Now if I can get them to only say “Father” and not “Fadder,” I’ll be a happy camper.

This week, we celebrated the September birthdays: Ana and Bogdan.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

5 Responses

  1. hi melissa,

    hey, that’s some pile of spuds!!!!!

    hugs a bunch…

  2. Melissa:
    Great to hear the news from you. Sounds like you are getting right in there with the people, awesome.

    Know that you are thought of often and prayed for.

    Love ya

  3. Melissa, this is your mom. My darling daughter, you need to proof read your blog a little better. Remember your eighth grade english. Hahaha And don’t forget that while you grew up in the rural suburbs….your roots are on a farm in North Carolina and a farm in Ireland…that potato sorting should come naturally . hugs and kisses

  4. mom again… bogdan looks so good in his glasses and happy too!

  5. Love the Romanian school, farm, and of course church life…what an adventure. Hey, get the kids to stick out their tongues to practice the “th” sound in Father!!!

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