My First Day of School

My first day of school was pretty good.  There was some confusion as to where I was to have my first class.  You see there is a shortage of classrooms, so the kids go to school in shifts.  There wasn’t a free classroom for me.  I ended up waiting and took over the first grade class that had gone to gym class.  The teacher agreed for me to take her class each week. 

I started with second grade B.  In Stroiesti, the kids are divided in to class A and class B.  The kids in class A tend to be quicker learners and better behaved than the kids in class B.  We all know they do the same thing in the States; it’s just not as obvious.  Anyways, I had 2ndB first.  All 15 kids showed up.  There school day starts at noon, but they all came one hour early for English class.  This is an optional class, so I was excited that some may kids came.  Of course, some of the little boys were giggly and talked to themselves, but for the most part the kids stayed calm and paid attention.  The only child who gave me any problems was one from camp.  I was really surprised, since he was also so good at camp.  I think he was showing off for all his friends.  I was able to complete my lesson.

Next, I had 2nd A.  English class is at the end of their day.  Only 5 girls stayed after for English class.  The girls were so sweet and picked up really quickly.  They even asked for more words.

After school, I paid some visits to my families.  I had heard rumors that some of the kids had dropped out of school. I went to talk to them.  I discovered that Nicoleta, who is 13, is not in 8th grade like she told me, but 5th grade.  She has dropped out because she is older than the other kids. She’s had to repeat the 5th grade.  I told her that I had to repeat the second grade, hoping to encourage her.  I told her that for me repeating a grade was a good thing. Nicoleta’s mom wants to her to be in school, too.  Please pray that she will change her mind and start going to school again. Nicoleta’s younger siblings are all in school and I saw them all at the school today, so that was encouraging.

In another family, the kids told me they were going to go to school in another village and will stay with their sister during the week. They said they will take the bus.    To be honest, I don’ t know if  I believe them, school started 2 weeks ago.  Please pray that they will actually go to school.  In one family of 7 or 8 kids, only the 3rd grader is going to school.  The littlest should be in Kindergarten but just cried, so she stays home now.  It’s so sad and breaks my heart.  Please pray for these kids.  I will continue to show up to see if they are going to school. 

I love seeing the kids in their little uniforms.  They ask me when I’m coming to their class.  It’s really sweet.  Please continue to pray for these children and for me as I start this new part of my ministry.

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