I had a wonderful time in the city of Ploiesti visiting with Eduard.  It was wonderful to see what other ministries are doing here in Romania.  I was able to attend a couple of Eduard’s choir rehearsals and visit the children in an orphanage where he has started a children’s choir.  Eduard and I were able to take 5 of these children on a field trip.  It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with them. We had planned to take them to a salt mine but it was temporarily closed.  We ended up going to the salt factory to buy some salt for the orphanage (100kg for less than $8).  We then went to the top of a mountain where the rocks are many colors: light green, dark green, yellow, pink, white, blue, and brown.  We ended the day in the park where we had something to eat before taking the kids home. 

Playing in the salt

Playing in the salt

Climbing rainbow mountain!

Climbing rainbow mountain!

The next day, Eduard, 3 girls from one choir and I went to visit the castle of King Carol I.  He was the first king of Romania.  I learned a lot of Romanian history and more about how the government was before communism.  This was a great day of fellowship and encouragement for all.  We were all very tired at the choir rehearsal that evening.

Peles in Sinaia

Peles in Sinaia

On Thursday, Eduard took me to the prison where he has started a men choir.  We were joined by another long term  missionary (from New Orleans) and violinist from Kansas City.  The inmates really enjoyed singing and the violin concert.  Two men joined the choir this week.  They had known there was a choir, but did not know it was a Christian choir.  These 2 men are currently serving a 10 year sentence.  They gave their lives to Jesus while in prison.  They were so excited to find out that a Christian man come each week and teaches them Christian songs. They are so encouraged by this and the men even asked to pray at the end of the rehearsal.  

Please pray for Eduard and his ministry.  It is truly wonderful to see how God is using different organizations around Romania to further His Glory!

2 Responses

  1. hi melissa,
    is eduardo with MBK???? how do you connect with other missionary teams????

    i’ll be praying for your once a week english class with your children. they will want to come and be with YOU!!

    love the photos, history and just hearing about your days…how you spend them, what the LORD is calling you to do…

    all my love…………………………………………………..

  2. Eduard used to work with MBK but is now working on his own. I have met many other missionaries in Suceava, Oradea, and other places around Romania. It usually starts by meeting one missionary who knows others. I met one missionary at camp this year. There is a whole group of Mennenite missionaries here in Suceava that I met through a person at my church here. God has a way of bringing those who are serving Him together!

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