Getting Ready for School

This afternoon three teen girls, a nurse and I  helped 6 families get ready for school. I lost count of the number of kids we worked with…oops.  We were in the village for 5 hours and I was impressed how hard the team worked.  We scrubbed hands, feet and faces.  We checked for lice and then deloused.  I took shoes too small for kids at camp and passed them out to the iddy-biddies.  We passed out school supplies and backpacks.  It was a great time and a true time to serve the people of the village.  We had a nurse with us who took the opportunity to check boo-boos and give vitamins to the families. One volunteer and some of the kids took the pictures.    Enjoy the pictures, the captions will explain much more! 

3 Responses

  1. oh melissa, you and your team are the hands of Jesus! the photos “say” so much more than words. those children are so happy to have new shoes and school things!

    thank you for sharing your days……love and hugs

  2. What great work! What a great way to honor the Lord, by caring for his children. Love you girl….a note and photos should be coming your way in a couple of weeks!

  3. Cute kids…I’ve never seen kids enjoy a bath so much. 🙂

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