School Prayer Requests

Tomorrow, there will be a group of us going into the village armed with laundry wash tubs, soap and lice shampoo.  We will be visiting 5-6 families in the afternoon to help them prepare for school, which starts on Monday.  After cleaning, we will pass out school supplies.  Please pray that we will be able to truely help the families in the village and will be a light in the village.  When they ask us why we are there, pray that God will give us the best answers.  Also, pray for warm weather and no rain!

While I was in the States in the Spring, I had prayer cards for individual kids and each child has many people praying for them.  Four of these kids will be going into the 8th grade, which is the last grade available in the village.  Please pray for these children: Maria, Sylvia, Andrei, and Nicoleta (there were 2 Nicoleta’s…not the little one).  Pray that they will study hard and will qualify to go to high school next fall.  Pray that we will find sponsors for these kids if they want to go on to high school.  Pray that their families and friends will provide them with emotional support to further their education.

Finally, please pray for the all the children as they start school on Monday!

Thank you for your prayers!

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