Bogdan’s Appointment

Bogdan’s appointment is scheduled for Monday at 4:15.  Its in the city of Iasi (yaw-sh), which is 2 1/2 to 3 hours away.  Bogdan’s mom will go with us.  After the appointment, we will be able to schedule the operation.  Bogdan is really excited.  Please pray for a good appointment, safe travel, and good navigation!

I’ve got to move…

So I thought everything was finally set with my apartment. Then Monday, I turned on the washermachine and half way through the cycle, smelled smoke.  There was smoke coming from the outlet.  The landlord was in the building at the time, so i called down to him and he came up and told me to use the other outlet.  Well, that outlet doesn’t work now.  All the plugs in my bedroom no longer work.  I actually lost all power for a few hours on Monday too. 

Then today!!!!!!!  The hot water heat stopped working.  When I went to talk to the landlord he said to me.  “Whats the problem.  The lights work in my apartment.  Everything works in my apartment.  I don’t know what the problem is.”  GRRRRRRR.  That was it.  After all these problems, I think its time to go.  I’m going to begin looking for a new place.  I’m not going to rush and will make sure everything works.  In the meantime, its back to bucket baths!

So, please do not send me anything in the mail right now.  And if you have sent something, let me know, and I’ll be on the look out for it.  I guess its good the landlord never put in a mailbox, and I have spoken with the post office and they will call whenever I get something in the mail. 

Please pray I will find a good place to live soon! And that all of this is for God’s glory.  I don’t know how, right now, but I know its for HIS glory!