Apartment Update

The electric has been fixed.  The hot water heater when the water pressure is strong enough, which is controlled by the city not the landlord or the building.  And the water is only off when the city has it off or damages to the pipe down the street, which left me without water for 24 hours.  But I survived.  I will be staying here now.  I was reminded that the old communist apartment bloc have many problems too, including government controlled heat and water shut offs. 

My mom sent me a “test” package, which made it fine. The mail lady in Ipotesti called me to tell me I had a package at the Suceava post office.  Ipotesti is a village and doesn’t have an international desk so I have to go to the mail city post office.  The post office in here is stricter than in Oradea. I can only collect packages on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when the government customs agent is there.  He also weighs the package to prove nothing was taken and then the open it to make sure there isn’t any contraband.  Fun stuff.

I still have not gotten a mail box at the building at promised by the landlord, but for now the mail lady calls when I have mail.  My address is:

Melissa Osborne 
Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 92
Apt 3 (Bloc Pancorma)

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  1. Good to know that everything seems to be working now. In Slovakia, we also lived in former communist flats, and we went thru the whole “your water will be orange for a week while we clean the pipes” or no water at all for a short period. We also didn’t control the heat in our apartment….turns out the weather had to be below freezing for three nights in a row to have the heat come on. After the 2nd freezing night, we were just praying for another one!!!

    I just wrote down your address and will pass it on to our homeschool group. We love you, Melissa!!!

    We started school this week. We’re doing “Exploring Countries and Cultures” with an emphasis on missionaries, geography and science (various ecosystems). Fun stuff!! You’re a part of our school!

    Daniel turns one in 10 days! I’ll try to send photos soon!

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