Sunday School

I wanted to share with you this fun picture of the kids at Sunday School yesterday.  Cristi took with his new camera.

Look what we made out of Playdoh!

Look what we made out of Playdoh!

Seventeen kids came.  One boy, Gabriel came for the first time last week and this week brought his brothers.  They are really good kids.  Some kids from last week decided not to come because they didn’t learn their memory verse (1John4:16).  Some of the kids who did come didn’t know their verse either, but they tried and got a candy.  We also had a study time before the lesson to work on the verse.  The kids are now in  a competition to learn 10 verses.  Once they learn 10 verses they will get a good prize!  This is a good motivator.

Our lesson today was on Adam and Eve and sin. We are going through a workbook for kids and the kids seem to like it.  Florin stepped up the discussion though yesterday and asked “Cine a creat păcat?”–Who created sin?  Wow, that’s hard to explain in my limited Romanian.  I started to explain, but gave up and told him I would tell him next week after I got some help with the answer in Romanian. It was encouraging that there are kids who will ask questions and not just pretend to understand!

Thank you for praying for these wonderful children!

2 Responses

  1. Melissa:
    So good to see this pic and hear this news. Will pray that God will continue to work through this ministry you started. Oh the joy of one soul brought to Jesus, we will pray to that end, that God would use this time to draw these kids to Him, and give you the strength and ability to present Jesus.

    Thanks for posting and keeping us updated.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Love ya

  2. Amen to Rachel’s comment. I got goosebumps reading about the Sunday School goings-on and the good number of kids who came and hopefully will keep coming (bringing more and more like Gabriel did!!!) May God continue to provide for you strength, wisdom, perserverance, humility, and a love that flows over to your kids and their families!!!

    Praying for you!! Love you, Melissa!

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