Village Life

In order to mentor children and teenagers, I have to get to know them, their families, and the way they live.  Tuesday, I went to visit with Bogdan’s family.  We chatted and visited, then the guys had to go and make hay.  The women folk and I decided to go visit the guys in the field to “supervise”.  I had never seen this, so it gave me another insight.

On the way to the field, we stopped by a construction site, where Ionut’s family is getting a new house.  A local Christian family raised some fund to buy the materials to build the house, but the family with supervision has to build it.  I volunteered to help and was told, No, because I was a woman, and building was men’s work.  I thought this was funny, because 10 year old Ionut was actively working on the site.  hmmmm. 

Bogdan’s sister, Diana doesn’t have much to do during the summer.  She is too small and doesn’t have the strength to do many of the farm chores.  So she agreed to help me with language lessons.  I bought a few children’s summer workbooks.  These books for for first and second graders, but for me they are sorta hard.  I know I wouldn’t be able to do the books with Diana and Olga’s help.  By the way, I now have an extensive vocabulary about fairytale characters, which is the topic of the first grader book.  Because Diana and family does not speak English, I have been forced to speak Romanian for hours at a time, even during the break.  This is great and my conversation skills have improved. 

Olga, also, let me follow her around while doing her midday chores.  She did this, still using her crutch and wouldn’t let me help her.  She fed and watered the cow, horse, and very pregnant (and noisy) pig.  She milked the cow and gave the 1 week old calf his lunch.  So cute! Olga did agree to let me know when the potato harvest was so that I can help out.

On Thursday,  I went to visit Cristi and family and gave Cristi his first lesson on editing and printing photographs.  His parents got involved and lots of suggestions.  His parents were really excited to have pictures of the baby and themselves.  As I looked around the house, I noticed there were only 2 pictutures of little kids: kindergarten pictures of Cristi and brother Andrei.  I didn’t see any little kid shots of the girls, expect for the pictures I had taken and given to them.  I then remembered what Mihaela had told me months ago: There were few, if any, pictures of her and her siblings as little ones because of the lack of availability of film etc.  So its a treat and a treasure to get pictures of the family, especially the baby.  Being a proud family, the mother cut some beautiful galdiolouses for me to take home. 

Andrei was watching tv when I got to the house in English.  His dad showed me a notebook Andrei has of words and phrases he has learned from tv.  He can understand English really well, but admits he has trouble speaking it.  He’s excited I’ll be able to tutor him this fall with English.  He’s a really bright boy and hopes to go to high school next year.

While in the village, I was able to tell more kids about the Sunday School program and to encourage those who were there last week to learn their verses.  Many of the families did not have Bibles, so we made sure each family had a Bible.  There are a number of New Testaments, floating around with the families as well, so all the verses right now are from the New Testament.  Last Sunday, 20 kids came to the group.   It was good. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and comments.  I do read every comment!

4 Responses

  1. Mel, I am just so filled with joy when I read all the amazing things you are doing to bless the people there! I miss you but am sooooo glad God is using you there in such a mighty way. It’s in the small things you do to show His love, that will change lives. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  2. Melissa, sounds so interesting and fullfilling. Keep up the great work.

  3. Wow! I’m not even sure what to say, but I really enjoyed reading this! You are learning so much, and doing so much!

  4. Melissa, we love hearing about your day to day happenings and about the Romanian culture. I know the all day conversing in Romanian is probably exhausting, but I bet you are getting so much better!!! Total immersion, baby!!! It blessed my heart to hear that the local families are getting Bibles in their own language. Keep up the great updates; we’ll keep praying!!

    Daniel is now “couch cruising” at my parents’ home in TX…we’re having a great visit with them.

    Love you!!!!!

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