The Kitchen Sink, etc.

I got back to Suceava last night and the kitchen sink has been installed and all the lights now work.  There is still no gas connected, but I’ll talk to the landlord about that tomorrow.  I did find a dead bird in the office/supply room. It wasn’t a pretty smell. 

At church today, the first pastor spoke about Jesus as the Good Shepherd and spoke about Psalm 23.  This was the topic for camp.  I thought that was pretty cool.  The second sermon was by an American from Minnesota and he (totally not planned) also spoke about Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  I was pretty excited to hear a live sermon in English!  All in all, its a glorious Sunday!

Next Sunday, I will restart the program in the village.  The kids gathered again today and called about a lesson, even though they were told August.  I’ll make sure they know that this coming Sunday they will have a program.  Please pray for these sweet kids and for me as I teach them.  I should have some help from some local girls (I hope).

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  1. Sounds like a great day!!! We had a great day here, too. Baby dedication at COTC today…Daniel, the Evans’ son, and D. Day’s grandson. The sermon was also excellent, about being intentional about daily family worship. After church, we had “Family Night” at our home…Jackson’s barbeque, baked beans, fruit…hope I’m not making you homesick.

    Happy to see your address for Suceava. Do you have any cravings or needs? (E and I loved taco and fajita seasoning packets when we were overseas…) Love you, Melissa!!!

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