I can stay now…

On Tuesday, Mihaela called the Health Minister in Bucharest to inquire about the status of my one year visa; she had sent the paper work a week before leaving for camp.  The Health Minister did not receive it.  However, the person who answered the phone was the woman who does the actual approving of visa applications.  She said fax it and in four days call back.  In the mean time, I met an American who has been in Romania for over a year and still cannot get her visa.  Also, we found out there were more complications because I’m working in one city but the headquarters is in another.  But God is good and today, we received a call and I was approved.  Mihaela and I went to the police department today and got there just 2 minute before the office closed at 3:30.  The lady there took us in anyway and granted her approval for all the paperwork.  The extra fee of 120 euros was waived because the work I’m doing is considered humanitarian work.  The lady was very nice and took my picture for the idea.  And unlike the DMV, she asked me if I liked the picture and she could take it again if I didn’t!!!  She gave me a paper for my passport stating I have been approved for an extended stay.  I will be able to pick up the actual visa next month.  It was truly a work of God that the visa came through.  Thank you for your prayer.  This was just another confirmation that God is in this and is totally in control.

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  1. Praise the Lord. God is so good. It is awesome how he works things out when you are in the center of His will. I am so glad that it all worked out.

    God is faithful. Be encouraged and continue in His will.

    Trusting that everything else is going well for you. Our kids do their presentation this Sunday morning about their trip to Romania. I am kind of anxious to see what they have to say. I really haven’t had a chance to talk to any of them yet.

    Take care and know that you are thought of and prayed for often!

  2. I am so glad God is moving and showing you His faithfulness. I pray that He would continue to show you over and over His loving kindness. It is so easy to trust a God who proves His faithfulness. I am blessed to hear that you have been encouraged by Him too. God is doing great things!
    Abriana gave her heart to Jesus at VBS! Isn’t it cool that God has chosen my little one to know Him! That is an answered prayer. She said that she was nervous at first but then she knew she should ask Jesus to come into her heart because she believed all the music she was singing.
    Gary says hello and there is going to be a perspectives course at church on the cape. I think I might do it this time. If God will see me through. He has burdened me over it for a while so I have just been waiting on His timing.
    That’s it for now.
    Love Ya!

  3. Fantastic news, Melissa!!! We pray for you daily!!!

    Did I tell you that Daniel is crawling now and starting to pull up….

    We have a dog now!! Penny’s a fairly tall hound (like a hunting dog) and is reddy/brown (like the rest of my kids!). She is soooo sweet and submissive, yet really playful with Eric (she’s 11 months old). Some friends went to the mountains 2 weeks ago, found out that some campground owners had rescued her from the side of the road and had been looking for her owners/someone to give her a home for couple of weeks. She’s great!!!

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