Update and On the road again….

On Sunday, I’ll be heading back to Oradea.  My car will be in the shop for a minor repair (don’t ask) and I’ll be getting most of the supplies for Stroiesti that are in storage in Oradea, making room at the PULS center for new supplies.  We should (finally) be getting the shipment for the PULS center from May.  It has been held in Suceava because there was no one to receive it in Oradea.  The shipment was supposed to come in June, but was delayed a couple of weeks and by that time we were in Suceava. 

Please pray for safe travels and that the supplies get there this week.  I should only be gone a week.  While gone, the kitchen sink, gas, and electric should all be fixed and hopefully the Internet installed.  I’m a frustrated, but was reminded by my mother today, that apartment repairs will not be the most frustrating thing I deal with while here in Romania. Everything happens in God timing, even the little things like kitchen sinks.  God has reminded me, didn’t think I needed the reminder but whatever, that missions and ministry isn’t always fun and glamorous.  Its like everyday life with all its ups and downs, but God is with me and that is enough.

I have posted the Wish List on the blogsite, please go to my main page and look for the tab at the top that says Wish List.  Things can be sent to my apartment and I will get them to the kids. 

Bogdan’s eye appointment was cancelled. The doctor called and said she couldn’t do it today (Friday).  We will reschedule asap. Please pray we can get an appointment soon.

That’s about it.  Thank you for your prayers.

5 Responses

  1. Cuz…it has been way too long and its my fault! But I’m keeping up with everything and I must say you are amazing and this experience is so spiritually uplifting to read.

    Best of luck with your car, your travels, and Bogdan’s appointment. I miss you, I’m sorry again, and I have some wonderful pictures of us I still need to send to you.

    Love you and you have my prayers!

  2. Hello Melissa:
    It’s great keeping up with you on here. Sorry about the frustrations, but hang in there. You have God on your side and that’s the most important.

    Trust all will get done in a timely fashion, (for Romania) and that you will soon be able to set up your apartment and make a home for yourself there.

    Be encouraged you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    God is Bigger!
    Love ya!

  3. I pray that you would be encouraged in knowing all the people praying for you by name. Know that you are on our minds and in our hearts. Hey, nobody gives me compassion and prayer when my ac leaks all over my living room! 🙂 You’re so blessed! lol
    love you!

  4. Hey Melissa,

    I gave a copy of your wish list to the 4th and 5th graders at the church. They got a kick out of a couple of items. One fellow said that he was suprised that you want Ranch Dressing Mix, but was willing to bring some in so we could send it to you.
    “Cupcake papers?” “I quess I could bring some of those in.”
    I shared with them that you had your own appartment now and that soon you would have a kitchen sink too. They really thought that was halarious! 🙂
    Hang in there Melissa, the kids said that they would be in charge of collecting items for your wish list. I don’t know how well they will do, but they were willing to take on the challenge.
    Expect great things from our great God.

  5. So sorry to hear that Bogdan’s eye appt. was canceled. Please let him (and his family) know that there are Christian brothers and sisters he’s never met praying for him in America.

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