The Kitchen Sink

the kitchen sink in the hallway

the kitchen sink in the hallway

The kitchen sink was finally bought yesturday by the landlord, he was waiting to see what size sink i wanted.  And when i arrived home last night it was out in the stair well of the apartment building.  Would love to have it installed today, but I haven’t seen any workmen, only their car.  Maybe this afternoon.   I’ll keep you updated!


3 Responses

  1. What?? No photo of the sink in the stair well or the workman’s empty car??

  2. Aside from the all too important kichen sink, how is the rest of the apartment coming?

  3. Still no kitchen sink and the gas has not been turned on, so no hot water either. Half of the lights don’t work. I had a guy come and build the wardrobe and install towel rods and mirrors and he said the building was built too quickly so there are alot of problems with it. Wish I had known that before. However, the apartment is beautiful and has lots of natural light. Its in a great area and the view is beautiful—the country side, the fields and rolling hills. My living room is still empty, but i hope by Christmas to get a sofa…one room at a time! I did buy a drill yesturday and hung up my curtains. The walls are cement blocks covered in plaster. I’ll need the drill to hang up pictures etc! It will be home in no time.

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