Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Suceava.  Gabi and Mihaela will be going as well in their car.  Lord willing I will be able to sign a rental contract on an apartment this week before camp starts next Monday.  During my trip last week to Suceava, Sister Condria and I found a wonderful apartment.  I stepped through the door and knew I was home.  I pray that it will be ready this week.  Please pray for safe travels, moving mercies, and for the prep work involved with camp.  Please pray for the team coming from PA, that they will have travelling mercies and no lost luggage!

Thank you for praying.  Your prayers do mean a lot to me!

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  1. You got it on the prayers. A group of us plan to meet again this Thursday to pray about missions related issues. Your specific requests will be added to our list.

    Blessings to you sister.

    – Jerry

  2. Wow, a new apartment, huh? Well I pray that the LORD blesses every moment spent there. I’m so glad to hear the VBS went well and I know that God did a work through you because I have been praying over you this week. Yesterday we celebrated Abriana’s Birthday party. It was so nice to have a yard to send the kids outside. However it rained on Sat. so the mosquitos were out by the hundreds. I had 20 bites on one calf alone. They were terrible so we all ended up inside watching the movie that the party was themed from. How funny is that!

  3. hi melissa!
    i’m so glad you found an apt. that you feel is the right one for sure to let us know your new address!!!

    is the team coming from PA the same one that helped the other week for camp?? how wonderful to have support!!

    praying for you, thinking of you from across the miles-

  4. Melissa, happy moving!!! How exciting; praying that the apt. you like so much works out perfectly.

    Abriana’s party was great…the house and yard are so great!

    We have Art camp this week, plus a movie at Mayfaire…we miss you! Art camp makes me think of when you were our craft/art teacher at MOPS! Even then the Lord was preparing you for VBS in Romania! Love you and are praying for you!

  5. Melissa, moving is no stranger to you. We didn’t move 12 times before you were 10 for no reason. Hope you get the apartment. Will talk to you soon.

  6. Melissa,

    Boy, we sure do miss you! I pray that you move goes well. No matter how many times you move, it’s just no fun unless you really love where you’re moving to. I pray that God would keep you safe from harm and injury as you move. I also pray that he would keep you at peace during this time of transition. I have a question for you, though. I’ve lost the contribution info. Would you e-mail it to me. Also, is there anyway to donate online?

    God’s great peace and love you you!!! We are so proud of you!!!!

    Cindi and Nathan

  7. ps…

    I can’t type!!!

  8. Sweetie, we have been praying for you as a group on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Please know that you are in your brothers’ and sisters’ thoughts almost continually. Painfully so, almost.
    With all our love and prayers,
    Sissy Michelle

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